Lagoon West

Vermilion Sands — 2015

The nightclub had been deserted since the previous summer, its white walls covered by the dunes. The clouded letters of a neon sign tilted over the open-air bar. The music came from a record-player on the stage, a foxtrot I had forgotten years before. Through the sand-strewn tables walked a young woman with coralline hair, crooning to herself as she gestured with jewelled hands to the rhythm of this of this antique theme. Her downward eyes and reflective step, like those of a pensive child, made me guess that she was sleepwalking, drawn to this abandoned nightclub from one of the mansions along the shore.

Typology Nightclub
Location Lagoon West, Vermilion Sands
Client Raine Channing
Status Completed
Date Summer 2015


Architect Avant Architecture PLC
Contractor Core Limited
Structural Engineer Sever Co.
Lighting Ellowitz Lighting Co.