Coral D

Vermilion Sands — 2015

All summer the cloud-sculptors would come from Vermilion Sands and sail their painted gliders above the coral towers that rose like white pagodas beside the highway to Lagoon West. The tallest of the towers was Coral D, and here the rising air above the sand-reefs was topped by swan-like clumps of fair-weather cumulus. Lifted on the shoulders of the air above the crown of Coral D, we would carve seahorses and unicorns, the portraits of presidents and film stars, lizards and exotic birds. As the crowd watched from their cars, a cool rain would fall on to the dusty roofs, weeping from the sculptured clouds as they sailed across the desert floor towards the sun.

Typology Recreational
Location Lagoon West, Vermilion Sands
Client Leonora Chanel
Status Completed
Date Summer 2015


Architect Avant Architecture PLC
Associate Architect Velocity Design
Contractor Mason Associates
Structural Engineer Dunbar Fleesh
Mechanical Engineer Beleros Eng. Inc.
Civil Engineer Perfect Plan Civil Engineering