The Art of & Science of Building

Architecture is both the process and product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations. I have always strived to create works of Architecture within an urban environment that is geared towards comfort. Places where people feel they want to live, work and visit, again and again.

My professional experience spans the globe, but large or small, regardless of borders, I learned under my mentor Kenzo Tange that our designs should focus on meeting the unique needs and comfort of our clients while adapting to the surrounding environment. To fully understand our clients' needs and aspirations we engage them in continuous, active dialogue. The result is unparalleled, creative and comfortable spaces -- inspired by our clients. It is true that form follows function, however, the aesthetic character of a project is major part of Function because it has an direct impact in people’s lives - I reject the notion that Forms Follows Profit which is sadly the practice nowadays. I believe that the challenge of the Architect is to create any building as a sculptural timeless work regardless of budget constraints.