Gallery on Beach Drive

Vermilion Sands — 2015

Again last night, as the dusk air began to move across the desert from Lagoon West, I heard fragments of music coming in on the thermal rollers, remote and fleeting, echoes of the love-song of Lunora Goalen. Walking out over the copper sand to the reefs where the sonic sculptures grow, I wandered through the darkness among the metal gardens, searching for Lunora's voice. No one tends the sculptures now and most of them have gone to seed, but on an impulse I cut away a helix and carried it back to my villa, planting it in the quartz bed below the balcony. All night it sang to me, telling me of Lunora and the strange music she played to herself...

Typology Commercial
Location Lagoon West, Vermilion Sands
Client Lunora Goalen
Status Completed
Date Spring 2015


Architect Avant Architecture PLC
Developer Tribune Holdings LLC
Contractor Hamlin & Sons Contracting
Structural Engineer Sever Co.
Mechanical Engineer Harmon Mechanical