Vermilion Sands — 2017

The season had ended, and already the desert had begun to move in again for the summer, drifting against the yellowing shutters of the cigarette kiosks, surrounding the town with immense banks of luminous ash. Along the horizon the flat-topped mesas rose into the sky like the painted cones of a volcano jungle. The beachhouses had been empty for weeks, and abandoned sand-yachts stood in the centre of the lakes, embalmed in the opaque heat. Only the highway showed any signs of activity, the motion sculpture of concrete ribbon unfolding across the landscape.

Typology Residential
Location Red Beach, Vermilion Sands
Client Emerelda Garland
Status Under Construction
Date Spring 2017


Architect Avant Architecture PLC
Developer Bolden Group
Contractor Mark Beth Contractors Ltd.
Structural Engineer Tri County Structural
Surveyor Harmon Mechanical